It is the ultimate guide to your flawless skin. Not everyone is born with perfect skin, but you can bring the best version of yourself to have Dewy Glowy skin by following this guide.

Beautiful skin is smooth, glowing skin without blemish and pigmentation.
Follow these simple steps at home to transform your skin into silky, smooth, glowing skin. Your skin will become brightened, hydrated, toned, and firm. You will undoubtedly look younger and more beautiful.

Step 1 Cleanse.

Lady bath towel with Cotton Buds
The essential first step in our daily facial care is cleansing.
Since we are exposed to daily dirt, grimes, sweat, and dust during the day, it is best to cleanse our faces before bedtime.
Are you wondering which skin cleansing product will be kind to your skin and chemical detergent-free and yet effective? Everyday dirt and grimes, including stubborn make-up, are best cleansed with oil-based products. Try our gorgeous cleansing oil to cleanse and nourish your skin. It is chemical-free and full of vitamins and antioxidants.


Step 2 Exfoliating  and Hydrating .
Facial Scrub will help the skin renewal process with gentle exfoliation.
I strongly recommend Rice Facial Scrub over any other scrub for limitless benefits. LA MAXIME's "Dewy Glowy" is the new generation facial exfoliator and hydrating mask ( 2 in 1 ) made from Pure Australian Rice.

 lady with cream on face

Rice is well known as a traditional skin-lightening remedy. It is highly effective and yet gentle to your skin to use daily. Its benefits are highly praised:
1. It adds a dewy glow. It effectively and gently removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin
2. Mineral-rich rice will help regenerate the skin, stimulate new cell growth, prevent premature aging, and preserve youthful-looking skin.
3. Unlike clay masks, rice collects excess oil without drying the skin. Rice face masks smooth out dry, rough patches and make the skin incredibly soft.
4. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for sensitive skin.
5. Rice face masks minimize the pores and give you an even, matte complexion
6. Improve skin firmness and elasticities.
Apply a small amount to spread evenly on the face and neck with a gentle rub in a circular motion. For maximum benefits, leave it on for at least 2 minutes. Rinse it off with the lukewarm water or gently wipe it off with the damped face towel to reveal a fresh and brightened complexion.
LA MAXIME Dewy Glowy is enriched with high vitamin C from Australian Kiwi, and Lilli Pilli extracts. Use it daily; your skin will become more transparent and translucent.

Step 3 Tone.

LA MAXIME TONING MILK is enriched with Australian Native Kakadu plum Extracts (known as the Superfood), which will help hydrate your skin instantly, tighten pores, and balance your skin's PH. Apply a few pumps of the mist and let it sink into your skin naturally and not required to wipe it off. The mist toner can be an ideal travel companion as a few mist spray pumps can relieve your skin of dehydration on the flight.

Step 4 Glow.

lady with cream on face

Apply a few drops of LA MAXIME Maximum Glow Organic Face Serum to evenly spread on the face and neck while the skin is moist.
Highly concentrated with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids to give Lavish hydration, Radiant glow, and Ultra firming.

Step 5 Antioxidant Seal.


lady with cream on face
Apply a few pumps of LA MAXIME Antioxidant Day cream. It keeps your skin hydrated all day, protects you from harsh environments, and prevents premature aging.
Before bedtime, apply a few pumps of Antioxidant (Night ) cream. All the goodness from Organic Kiwi, Passionflower, and cucumber extracts glide through and effortlessly penetrate the deeper layer of your skin and help skin repair, be nourished, and revitalized overnight.

Step 6 Sun protection ( for daytime)
One of the significant causes of skin damage is Sun (UVA & UVB rays). UVA rays are the cause of skin aging, and UVB rays are the cause of sunburn. To protect your skin from UVA & UVB rays, we highly recommend sunscreen before going out.
The moisturizer's function is to penetrate deep into your skin and hydrate your skin inside out. It is not to contain any SPF. Unlike moisturizers, sunscreen products should stay on top of the skin to reflect and absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays. However, many skincare companies these days combine sun protection ingredients into moisturizers. These ingredients are often micronized particles and may penetrate the bloodstream, which is not ideal. So we recommend using Sun cream for sun protection purposes. Try to look for sun creams that use natural ingredients such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide (not micronized).

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