Cell Renewal and Exfoliation

Cell Renewal and Exfoliation

Did you know that exfoliation is essential for adults, especially for mature skin?
Slowing down cell renewal is a significant contributing factor to aging skin. For adults, skin cell renewal can take 28 to 42 days. If you are in the age group of 50 or older, it can take up to 84 days.


Experience daily cell rejuvenation with our LA MAXIME Dewy Glowy,  exfoliating Scrub and skin-brightening Mask (2 in 1), which effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin cells purified, brightened, incredibly soft, hydrated, and nourished. Continued use will lighten dark spots and pigmentations, revealing a translucent, noticeably brighter complexion.

"Dewy Glowy" comes in to rescue your aging skin by gently exfoliating and promoting regenerating skin function by gently removing dead skin cells. Daily use of Dewy Glowy will enhance your skin's clarity.
Dewy Glowy is formulated with Pure Australian Rice and Australian Native Medicinal Herbs.

Rice has been used as a skin remedy and whitening for centuries. Its effect is immediate and gentle to use every day. It does not dry out or taunt the skin like a clay mask or pull or harsh to the skin. Australian Native Medicinal Herbs are known as superfoods and have superior anti-aging properties. Daily use of Dewy Glowy will lighten your skin and clear of blemishes with a healthy glow.


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