Our quest for youthful and younger looking skin started in 2004.

Our mission is to give you the youthful and beautiful skin naturally and effectively so that you will look younger and beautiful regardless of your age, skin colors or skin conditions.

Today we pride ourselves as the industry leader of the natural and organic skin care products that are 100% plant based for discerning customers without chemical preservatives or chemical additives so that you will get the maximum benefits as soon as you apply in order to maintain your beautiful and youthful skin.

LA MAXIME is the ethical luxurious organic skincare company based in Melbourne Australia. All of our products are based on a decade of research and development and produced in-house and proudly vegan certified and cruelty free certified.

Each LA MAXIME product has been scientifically formulated to be multifunctional and help your skin repair, restore and rejuvenate with the effective use of powerful anti oxidants found in native Australian plants.

Australian Native plants have been used for medicine and healing for thousand years and renowned for purifying, anti-aging, cell regenerative and skin brightening properties.

You will enjoy the LA MAXIME skin care products that contain nothing but pure and pristine natural healing essence to help maintain younger and youthful skin from day 1.

Our products have been specifically developed to provide the following functional benefits:

1) Provide intense hydration
2) Promote skin firming and elasticity
3) Promote skin whitening (Depigmentation)

and we believe these are the essential qualities for functional skincare products.

LA MAXIME will be beneficial and effective for all skin types including mature, dry, sensitive, stressed and ACNE-prone skin conditions and your skin will be transformed to look younger with radiant and glowing complexion.
We donate 10% of our proceeds to World-KIMWA, a non-profit organization, to help promote their mission to be the cultural ambassador for world peace.


From the LA MAXIME team