LA MAXIME is an ethical, luxurious organic cosmeceutical skin care brand, professionally made in Melbourne Australia and  LA MAXIME has been created specifically to provide the following functional benefits  

1.  Dry or Oily skin conditions:
     with deeply hydrating and skin balancing  properties 
2.  Mature/Aging skin conditions:
     by providing high anti-oxidant, anti-aging and cell regenerating and collagen promoting properties 
3.  ACNE-prone or sensitive skin conditions:
     by providing  soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties 
4.  pigmentation skin conditions due to age-spots or sun-spots:
     with  Skin Brightening/Whitening properties by clearing pigmentation and age spots 

We also have a hair solution for 
5.  Dry, colored, frizzy or damaged hair 
     by providing instant  moisture, vitality and natural silky smooth hair 

So that you will look youthful and glowing with hydrated, radiant and clear complexion and silky smooth hair. 

This has been achieved by incorporating Australian Native medicinal plants (Kakadu Plum Extract, Lilli Pilli Extract, Australian Lemon Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Aspen Extract,  Bilberry Extract, Echinacea Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Kiwi Extract ) that have been used for medicine and healing for thousand years.

Everything is based on pure, natural and organic herbal extracts and plant oils and flower essence.  No artificial fragrance, artificial coloring or chemical preservatives are added in our formulation. Therefore each product has very unique and distinctive soothing and calming aroma of either fruity, floral or herbaceous essence.

LA MAXIME has the following credentials:

Australian Made:
Australian Vegan Certified
Cruelty Free Certified.

At LA MAXIME, we are committed to the following initiatives:   

1. Help those who suffer from Dry, Sensitive, Mature, Oily  or ACNE-prone skin conditions
2. Use only organic and pure natural ingredients in our formulation, no artificial or chemical additives. "So organic" and we don't even use chemical preservatives in our formulation
3. Care for our environment and use glass for our packaging instead of plastic
4. Do not use any animal or animal derived ingredients to minimize any cross contamination (LA MAXIME products are Australian Vegan Certified)
5 Stand against any product testing on animals (LA MAXIME products are accredited as Cruelty Free )
6. Promote functional (cosmeceutical) skin care products without chemical/artificial additives that may compromise our wellbeing
7 Give back to our community to make the world a better place for the generations to come.

After 12 years of Research and Development  LA MAXIME was borne so that we can all have a silky smooth and radiant skin regardless of our age and skin conditions.  

Inspired by thousand years old medicinal herbs and flower remedies, Australian Native Plants, such as Kakadu Plum Extracts and Lilli Pilli Extracts  that are renowned for purifying, anti-aging, cell regenerative and skin brightening properties, are at the heart of LA MAXIME formulation to combat oily, dry, mature or ACNE-prone skin. Our passion is to rejuvenate your skin so that you will look fresh, youthful and glowing without blemishes. With LA MAXIME, you will look younger and beautiful.

Founder & CEO
Jacqueline Koo Amabile