Our Story

As a senior IT professional for a major corporation in my 50s, I couldn't help but notice how dull and lackluster my skin had become.  Frequent breakouts caused by a hormonal change left pigmentation on my face

Fine lines, sagging, and uneven pigmentation had taken their toll, and the skincare products I was using failed to deliver the desired results. These products were formulated with artificial fragrances, colors, and harsh chemicals, and they simply weren't doing justice to my skin. I was determined to revive my skin with natural goodness, free from harmful chemicals and in harmony with nature's intended beauty.


After 15 years of painstaking research & development (instead of animal testing, I tried on my skin), my fine lines were replaced with radiance and life. Gone are the sagging lines and dry skin; I look younger than I did 15 years ago.


I started this business as a personal challenge to regain my youthful skin. I wish to share my creation with those who want to look and feel the best. I officially launched LA MAXIME Pure Luxury Skincare in August 2022 at the Beauty Expo in Sydney.


We pride ourselves as the industry leader in anti-aging cruelty-free skincare that is free from chemical preservatives, chemical additives, artificial coloring, and artificial fragrances. Our critical active ingredients are plant-based with the incorporation of Australian native herbs.


These are Our Promise and Commitment to you:


     No more Dry skin with intense hydration

      Zero Pigmentation with continued use 

     Smooth & Age-defying skin 

   from 100% plant-based antioxidants 

  No chemical additives 

  Trusted Beauty Brand with immediate results


Experience the revolutionary power of our product and enjoy a youthful, luminous appearance with even skin tone and zero pigmentation. Don't settle for ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary.


Enjoy your beautiful skin!

Jacqueline Koo

Founder and CEO of LA MAXIME.

Jacqueline Koo (68)
December 2022