Why Choose LA MAXIME?


What matters most in a skincare bottle is the ingredients. Each raw ingredient at LA MAXIME is meticulously sourced from local ethical suppliers. You can rest assured that all our products are free from chemical preservatives, chemical additives, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, animal cruelty, and GMOs (genetically Modified Organism). Each drop has been formulated to calm, soothe, regenerate, and rejuvenate your senses to revive and beautify your skin.


Experiencing a LUXURY in our everyday life need not be expensive. Pure Luxury skincare LA MAXIME has been created to bring luxury into daily life. Each drop has been crafted from the heart to delight any discerning customers. For example, applying LA MAXIME Maximum Glow Organic Face Serum or LA MAXIME Heavenly Glow Regenerating Body Oil is a luxury that brings you happiness, knowing that each drop is filled with pure and pristine bioactive ingredients.



This is why LA MAXIME is so special and unique from other brands. As you apply, you will discover and experience LA MAXIME is working on your skin, body, and hair. The formulation is the key differentiating factor. We use 100% active ingredients without fillers. You will only need 2 drops of oil or 2 pumps of cream to experience transforming results, as each drop is highly potent, powerful and bioactive.

Our latest products have been tested by Giovanna Zac, the Beauty Editor of the Bite Magazine, The UKs leading fashion and beauty magazine in London, and acclaimed that "Results are Immediate.".

You will look younger and happier with glowing skin, lustrous hair, and toned body.
With continued use of LA MAXIME, dehydrated skin will return to normal with a healthy glow, and gone are the blemishes and pigmentation.



Did you know that the seed of LA MAXIME was planted 15 years ago? I am Jacqueline Koo, the founder of LA MAXIME. I have been suffering from extremely dry skin conditions since young, and in my early 50s, when I was going through menopause, my skin erupted with rashes and was not going away but leaving scars and pigmentations. To make it worse, my face looked old with wrinkles and sagging skin. I greatly appreciate natural healing because a herbal remedy cured my purulent nasal discharge in my teenage years. At my work, I excelled at solving complex problems involving computer science. With my complex problem-solving skills focusing on cosmetic science, I embarked on a journey of research and development to solve skin problems using the native healing actives and to bring youthful skin. After some 15 years, age-defying LA MAXIME is born. Are you familiar with the expression "Rome was not built overnight"? So is LA MAXIME! All hard work has been done for you, and you just apply it in your daily skincare routine. How good is this!


All our active ingredients are meticulously sourced from plants and flower extracts.

Our hero ingredients are Australian Native Medicinal Herbs, namely Kakadu Plum, Lilli Pilli Extract, and Kiwi Extracts:

Kakadu Plum is a native tree from Australia found exclusively in the Northern Territory & Arnhem Land. It has been used in food & medicine for hundreds of years. It contains the highest Vitamin C of most fruits (about 100 times higher than oranges). Provides High stable vitamin C content with potent antioxidant properties.

The Lilly Pilly berry, a native Australian botanical that delivers a powerful range of phyto-actives, provides numerous skincare benefits: it brightens the skin. Potent anti-aging active. Promote skin cell rejuvenation. Improves collagen production.

Kiwifruit has vitamin C, which helps fight dark spots associated with sun damage and aging, so skin looks more evenly toned. Kiwifruit is also rich in vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant that fights aging by protecting collagen and elastin proteins from free radical damage.



Caring for our environment is as crucial as caring for ourselves. We need fresh air, uncontaminated water, and earth to thrive and grow for ourselves, plants, and flowers. We promote minimal waste, recycling, and reuse from the core of selecting our skincare packaging to manufacture and distribution.
We primarily use glass and airless bottles that are clean, recyclable, functional, and with no waste. We promote using only natural and organic ingredients without chemical additives that may compromise our health, well-being, and environment.