Invest a few minutes daily and follow these essential self-care routines,
in the morning and before bed time, to achieve extraordinary results.


Step 1 Cleansing and Nourishing

How often do you cleanse your face, and what product do you use? Cleansing Twice a day, first thing in the morning and before bedtime, will keep your skin in pristine condition, free from breakouts, acne or clogged pores. There are three types of face cleaning products - cream-based, foaming solution and oil-based. Cream based or foaming solution cleansers usually contain detergents and harsh on skin. The best type of cleansing is oil-based cleansing and here is why.This beautiful cleansing oil effectively removes daily environmental debris and stubborn eye makeup without stripping off your skin's natural sebum,leaving your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and revitalized with anti-aging and skin-brightening benefits.Only need a few pumps of this precious cleansing & nourishing oil

Step 2 Exfoliating & Hydrating

Why exfoliating your face is essential? As you age, your skin's renewal process slows down. Exfoliation is essential to help promote the skin renewal process by gently lifting the dead skin cells. It also helps prevent clogging pores. LA MAXIME Dewy Glowy provides two functions in one bottle - exfoliator and hydrating mask. LA MAXIME uses Australian organic rice and buckwheat. Nutritional and mineral-rich rice has been known as one of the traditional skin-lightening remedies. Amino acid and vitamins present in the grain act as a clearing agent and control the shine of the skin. Rice Bran water has been used for centuries in Asia to smooth and soften skin. This ingredient is rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin E, which help treat hyperpigmentation, acne, and aging. Rice Bran purifies the skin, soothes the complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. It brightens the complexion and also helps fade dark spots.Designed to use it daily.

Step 3 Antioxidant PH Balancing Toner

Apply a few pumps of this Antioxidant Youthful Glow Toning Milk. It is designed to balance your skin's PH and to minimize pores and prepares the skin for the products such as face Serum or moisturizers that follow.Enriched with a blend of skin-loving extracts, including rose, cucumber, kiwi, Kakadu, and Lilli Pilli. Infused with hydrating and refreshing properties, this toner balances your skin's pH level while smoothing fine lines and firming your skin. Your skin will be visibly refreshed and revived with a youthful glow.

Step 4 Firming and Brightening Face Serum

Release 2-3 drops on your fingertips and gently warm the serum and then smooth it all over your face and neck.Hydrate skin, boost collagen production and improve elasticity with our gentle anti-wrinkle face treatment that helps smooth fine lines and protect against free radicals. Combat dry skin with intense hydration.Achieve an even skin tone with improved elasticityEnhance skin cell development for the firm and smooth skin and visibly brighten your skin, looking fresh and youthful

Step 5a All day hydration

Apply a few pumps to Improve fine wrinkles, maintains hydration all day, looking firm and radiant skin, feeling fresh, younger, alive and beautiful with silky smooth skin. Help the skin maintain its radiance and suppleness by retaining moisture and preventing moisture loss. Help protect your skin from the harsh environment and keep firmer and fresher skin. Help fight premature aging, and your skin will look youthful.Bursting with antioxidants, Vitamins A, B, C, and E, and essential fatty acids, Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin and help your skin look youthful and firm.

5b Regenerating Overnight

Apply a few pumps on cleansed face before bedtime. The fast-acting night cream will awaken your skin with youthfulness and firmness. All the goodness from organic kiwi, passionflower, and cucumber extracts glide through and effortlessly penetrate the deeper layer of your skin and help skin repair, be nourished, and revitalized overnight. Its limitless and powerful anti-oxidant, Acai Berry, effectively restores skin elasticity and instantly relieves dry and cracked skin. You will feel fresh, younger, alive, and beautiful; your skin will be smooth as silk. 

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